Honeys Hankys

100% Cotton Handkerchiefs & Pocket Squares for Ladies & Gents

About Honeys Hankys

One For Show. One To Blow.

Twin Packs of Australian-made Handkerchiefs & Pocket Squares. 

Carry two clean hankys every day, for work or leisure. A hanky for nose-blowing and a spare hanky for: displaying in ones’ shirt, suit or coat pocket; for cleaning ones’ reading glasses; for mopping up blood (ones’ or another’s); dabbing away spilt pinot noir from ones’ shirt during a long luncheon; to wipe the sweat from ones’ brow; to wipe away ones’ tears; or to correct ones’ lipstick; 

Established in Geelong, Victoria in 2020.

Handmade across Victoria, in Geelong, Torquay & Lakes Entrance.

‘Lovely and bright and quality material’. Susan, Horsham, VIC.

‘My Dad needs new hankies, and these are great!’. Liz, Brighton, England, UK.

‘Our Groomsmen looked great all with one of your hankies in their suit pocket’. Mel, St Kilda, VIC.

‘They feel good to use and last longer than my old ones’. Graeme, Barwon Heads, VIC.

Our Hankys Are

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Head Office
PO Box 581, Geelong,
Victoria, Australia 3220

Please email [email protected] for wholesale orders and international shipping enquiries.